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QuickBooks Payment Solutions: The Right Solutions for Business Owners

Lake Tahoe QuickBooks Blog

Right now we have our Special Promotion for Merchant Service going on!

Intuit QuickBooks Pro/Premier customers save Big with Intuit Payment Solutions! We are now offering two offers to choose from:

Offer One:

For QuickBooks Pro/Premier customers only……$0/ month, transaction rates are same for all tiers(flat rate):

a)     3.25%

b)    $0.25 per transactions for non qual($0.18 for qual and mid-qual)

Offer Two:

a)     No Set up Fee (59%)

b)    2 Months Free( $39.90 savings)

c)     Includes GoPayment for $0.00 monthly!

d)    Pricing discounts

-Monthly Service: $19.95

– Monthly Minimum: $0

-Qual Rate: 1.69%/Mid-Qual: 2.52%/Non-Qual: 3.96%

-Auth Fee: Qual and Mid-Qual: $0.29, Non-Qual: $0.36

Receive a Free Intuit Mobile credit card readers with an Approved Merchant Service account.


When it comes to credit card processing there is three things that every business should know about it:

1)    Most will benefit from accepting credit cards. You may be wondering how?

a)     Make…

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