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One Card To Rule Them All!


While some are skeptical about this product, claiming everything is going Mobile (ahem Mpesa), Coin is a remarkable product that resolves an existing problem with a practical solution.
Coin is a connected device that can hold and behave like the cards you already carry. Coin works with your debit cards, credit cards, gift cards, loyalty cards and membership cards. Instead of carrying several cards you carry one Coin. Multiple accounts and information all in one place.

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When Facebook ads seem oddly enough “the right” ones for you!

Notes on Wings

Advertisements that are tailored to your needs

Men's suits 50 off 'You obviously didn't read the sign, Sir!'

If culture is the engine that pilots advertising to reach the right audience, targeted ads in theory do a lot more in the matching plot as they bring to people the advertisements that are more relevant to them. Reality however makes it look far more serious then that, since users are not aware the advertisements are taking their data to offer them those ads that are specific to them. This is not a recent matter but what I found even more alarming when I further researched this matter, is that people’s information are pulled from other sources even for activities they do offline.

How is your data collected from daily activities

You are surely aware of the personal information you share in your daily living activities with various third parties. There doesn’t seem to be any invasion to your privacy when you are…

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Why I Love Loyalty Cards

I know there’s no such thing as loyalty these days when it comes to shopping, as we’re all after the best deals, however I’m a huge fan of loyalty cards. Here are the cards I think are worth signing up for, with some tips on how to get the most out of them.

Tesco Clubcard gives you a point per pound you spend, which doesn’t sound like much at all, but it’s surprising how quickly they add up and, although each point is only worth a penny, there are ways to get more pennies for your points. My favourite way to use my points is by using Clubcard Boost, which allows me to get four times the value of my points, (£10 per £2.50) to I use my points on vouchers for dining out, which is a nice treat and preferable to a couple of quid off my shopping.


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QuickBooks Payment Solutions: The Right Solutions for Business Owners

Lake Tahoe QuickBooks Blog

Right now we have our Special Promotion for Merchant Service going on!

Intuit QuickBooks Pro/Premier customers save Big with Intuit Payment Solutions! We are now offering two offers to choose from:

Offer One:

For QuickBooks Pro/Premier customers only……$0/ month, transaction rates are same for all tiers(flat rate):

a)     3.25%

b)    $0.25 per transactions for non qual($0.18 for qual and mid-qual)

Offer Two:

a)     No Set up Fee (59%)

b)    2 Months Free( $39.90 savings)

c)     Includes GoPayment for $0.00 monthly!

d)    Pricing discounts

-Monthly Service: $19.95

– Monthly Minimum: $0

-Qual Rate: 1.69%/Mid-Qual: 2.52%/Non-Qual: 3.96%

-Auth Fee: Qual and Mid-Qual: $0.29, Non-Qual: $0.36

Receive a Free Intuit Mobile credit card readers with an Approved Merchant Service account.


When it comes to credit card processing there is three things that every business should know about it:

1)    Most will benefit from accepting credit cards. You may be wondering how?

a)     Make…

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Full-Service Payment Processor for Credit Card Payment Transactions

iTransact Credit Card Processing

We understand that there are a lot of organizations that process credit card payment transactions but we want you to know that we do it for less while still providing high-quality services. iTransact has an advantage over other firms as we have been in the business since 1994 and were the first provider of electronic check acceptance on the Internet under the name of RediCheck. Since then we have grown, and through our years of experience, we have helped to shape the industry.

iTransact now offers Internet, mobile, bricks-and-clicks, and traditional brick-and-mortar merchants the ability to accept payment by credit, debit, gift cards as well as electronic checks. Our services do not stop there. We offer our customers safe and reliable transactions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year supported by a team of experts who are looking out for your best interest.

At iTransact our merchant services offer…

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